Memories and Stories Through the Years

Memories and Stories of Lobster Shop Dash Point Through the Years

The reminiscing shared by hundreds of you the last few weeks before we closed, sparked wonderful recollections and more than a little humor. We will never be able to thank you enough.  The historical society is collecting memories of Lobster Shop Dash Point and we'll be posting them here on this page.  

If you would like to share photographs and memories of Lobster Shop Dash Point, please do so on our Facebook page or by sending us an email.

Dash Point Lobster Shop

 We have enjoyed being able to visit our grandmother's grocery store and home while enjoying a wonderful meal here at the Lobster Shop Dash Point!

--Kimberly Becker Stonack

My dad and I have made a tradition of eating here for my birthday for over 20 years.

-- Aisha Kanika Lawson Tomlin

I got engaged there 20 yrs ago on Valentine's Day!

-- Stephanie Stimpson-Boggan

I have been following the closure of the Lobster Shop on Dash Point.  I have very fond memories of when you opened that restaurant with Chuck Clifford.  My parents, George and Joan Wilson, spent many nights there with the home-made pies and great food.  My husband and I, my mother, and my in-laws frequent the Lobster Shop on Ruston Way.  The restaurant holds so many great memories for our family.  I still remember the great home-made cheesecakes from the original location.

We think of Chuck very often.  It’s hard to believe he has been gone for so long and it’s hard to believe my dad has been gone for over nine years.  My mother sends her best to you, as does the rest of our family.  Take care.

 --Teresa Goodman

We have had so many wonderful meals at your restaurant.

-- Michelle King Rutter

Had many wonderful dinners here with my mom.. Thank you for the memories and good food.

-- Kathy J Andrich

So many great memories of that place. I had a very deep conversation with Mom once sitting on a bench, overlooking the water.

-- Danella D Sutton

Thank you for the awesome breakfast. We have great memories of always wonderful experiences here. We are really going to miss you.

-- Kandi Kimberling

Going to miss our Sunday breakfast here. The food is great and the staff is fantastic. Cameron seems to be our server most Sundays and he is great.

-- Tammy Mazanti

This is one of the best and friendly place for dinner. You will be missed Lobster Shop at Dash Point!

--Lia Baglio Heuring

So sad! My family loved dinning there for birthday celebrations!

--Laura Pease

Always had a great, relaxing meal there and the chefs often stopped by the table to check on you.

-- Karl Schmidt

Wouldn't be where I'm at in my career If it wasn't for this place. Thanks for everything!

-- Ricardo Marin Rios

My parents met here and I worked here while in high school. A true Dash Point staple.

-- Holly Zuluaga

The Lobster Shop was an institution. I used to break down the boxes in exchange for after dinner mints. I can't remember how many times an off target basketball landed in the fishy smelling goo. We always tried to show off our BMX and skateboard skills for the diners. So glad I took my wife there the last time I was there.

--Joe Beale

We have been here EVERY summer and EVERY Christmas Eve since we got married in 1990. So sad to see it the location in Tacoma...but love the short drive to this location even more! 

-- Loretta Deranleau Howard

Had dinner there in fall of 1978 with my girlfriend and proposed to her afterwards under the tree out front. Been going there for special dinners ever since including our annual anniversary lobster dinners beginning July 21, 1980. The place has great sentimental value to us. Great food well worth the parking hassle.

-- Terry Rucker

My first job was at the Lobster Shop....incredible place to work. To this day whenever I'm in town I make a point to go have a great meal. Sad to see it close, this restaurant was a great asset to the dash point community.

-- Michele Templeman


My husband an I shared every wedding anniversary at dash point lobster shop for the last twenty years. We were there in a window seat every Dec. He passed away in a2011. I came back to relive our sweet memories. The starched snow flakes in the window sometimes with the snow flakes failing outside. The lit Christmas tree on the dock. The lobster and service the sweetest in down. Thank you for the service the hospitality. Yes I came when I heard of the closing. I sat in our seat I had lobster and steak.  It was bitter sweet I will never forget. I will sent a picture later will have to find it. Thank you.

-- Loreen and Robert Lee

My wife and I have been married for almost 32 years. We spent our first anniversary dinner and many more at Dash Point Lobster Shop.  We have always considered the location, food and staff very special to us and hoped we would be able to continue the anniversary tradition.  We also had special family celebrations upstairs overlooking the water.  Dash Point Lobster Shop was like extended family and will be forever missed. Thank you so much for being a part of our anniversary and family traditions.

Steve and Janey Wescott

I had the opportunity to do a carving for the Lobster Shop shortly after they opened. Was able to take my late mother to the Shop and have her see the work and have an amazing meal and visit with Denny when he still lived above the Shop. The store will always hold a special spot in my restaurant career. Thanks for the opportunity to carve the sign and enjoy your fine establishment Denny.
Thanks for everything.
-- Hack


Here's a story of dinner at the Lobster Shop and then a musical at CenterStage. Our little group had such a great time.
-- Don Doman

I'm sorry to hear that your restaurant is closing.  Our special memories are from dining (first and only time because we moved from the area) at Dash Point Lobster Shop on our first date in 1978, we were married a year later.  We celebrate 35 years this year!  You must have been quite a new place then but I don't remember...only that we had so much fun being together.  You have a special spot in our hearts.
Best of luck with what's ahead!
Thanks for the memories!
-- Jan and Alan Pearson